Empowering Parents Through Knowledge

Each year across the nation, millions of dollars are poured into schools and communities to fund development programs for youth. While important as that may be, what is equally critical is a concentrated effort on educating and empowering parents.

Failing to fully understand the parent-child dynamic as an intergrated experience has resulted in a disproportionate amount of resources directed at children, but very little towards support for you – the parent, who are responsible for your child’s welfare during the most critical years of their social and emotional development.

As a result, far too many parents are now more disconnected than ever before. Single-parent family structures have become the norm, many are thrust into grandparenting in their 30’s while others are simply recycling generational experiences that sometimes widen the gap with their children. This of course, all comes at a time when, for a myriad of reasons, growing up as a child is more difficult, thus making parenting equally more challenging. 

While the world continues to change at a rapid pace, what has remained constant is the fact that children from stable, loving parental structures have a far greater shot at success.

But it all starts with the parents.  When you empower parents, you empower the child and the home.  When you empower the home, you empower the community. 

November 14, 2016 Posted by in Parent Portal


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