The Interactive Workshop to Help Turn Your Idean Into Book Sales

Somewhere in the author’s bible, there’s an unwritten law that authors are supposed to encourage everyone who dreams of doing so, to finally take that leap of faith and write that book!

Before my journey, life was about numbers.  However, I now know that whether it’s a tv show, a song or pictures, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT STORIES.

You should tell yours.

So many have asked about the process of writing a book.  I’ve documented the entire journey from the beginning and would love to help you accomplish your dream of becoming AN AUTHOR.

You will:

  • Learn valuable information to help you SAVE TIME, MONEY AND HEADACHE!
  • Learn key steps in the preparation, authoring and release phases of writing your book
  • Get Tips, Training, Tangible Toolkit/T3©  to eliminate common obstacles so you can focus on writing
  • Receive guidance to build your unique strategy and implementation plan during the workshop
  • Leave with an Author Resource Packet that includes key information and material after the workshop