PeoplEnvolved© Wherever.  However. ™

peoplEnvolved© is a grassroots initiative to provide opportunities for the everyday citizen to get engaged in activities that result in tangible and sustainable change in the areas of Education, Legislation and Socialization.


The Education Initiative educates the public on a variety of important topics, including but not limited to, Health Care, Workforce Education & Development, Health & Fitness, Personal & Human Rights. Currently, we have created three (3) educational scholarships. Each scholarship will award two (2) qualified candidates (6 total) each, to assist with costs related to their education. Please visit our gofundme page to learn more and make your donation:

The three (3) scholarships are:

  • Youth Education Scholarship (YES): YES provides assistance to youth who are currently living in homeless shelters or transitional living facilities. We believe it is important that these young people stay encouraged and continue their education regardless of their current circumstances. This award can be utilized to purchase personal care items as well as, cover education-related expenses.
  • Transition Assistance & Support Scholarship (TASS): TASS provides assistance to graduating seniors who are making the life-altering transition to college. This can be a scary and stressful process for a young person, especially when it’s costly. This award can be utilized to cover expenses related the move itself, books and tuition, or other hidden transitional costs that may be presented.
  • Single Parent Educational Relief Scholarship (SPERS): SPERS assists single parents, both male and female, to either; return to school or make it possible for them to continue their education (2 year degree). We believe that when you support the parent, you help stabilize the family home. The expenses related to independently raising children and maintaining a household can extend the collegiate journey or make higher education seem impossible.


Achievement is ultimately limited without affecting policy and influencing legislation. With the importance of the national election, peoplEnvolved© currently conducts several voter registration events on a bi-monthly basis across the Chicago-land area, focusing on areas with low voter involvement. These events are intended to educate communities, inform and register citizens to vote. As a non-partisan organization that does not attach itself to any particular movement, group or party affiliation, our goal is to simply get people actively involved in the legislative process on both the local and national level. To date, we have conducted 10 voter registration events, registered over 20 voters and distributed voting information to over 250 Chicago-land citizens.


The Socialization Initiative is the heartbeat of peoplEnvolved©. This area binds all of our initiatives together through disseminating information (both online and in person), recruiting volunteers, establishing relationships with communities, organizations and events. The Socialization Initiative focuses on our philanthropic commitment to serving youth, veteran, homeless and senior groups.


peoplEnvolved© has a need for leaders that are able to support, encourage, and forge the path with teams of volunteers who are excited and dedicated to effect change in our key areas (Education, Legislation, Socialization). If you are passionate about and committed to making a difference, this is your opportunity.

If you are not interested in a leadership role, we still need you! Incredible individuals like you are beyond valuable. And whatever and however you are willing to contribute in time, skills, and ideas; we need you!


The leadership staff at peoplEnvolved© represent the diverse world we live in and include working professionals, parents, educators and community members.