Truth, Evolution & Redemption – The Memoir of Morris Brent

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Poverty and hopelessness was what he experienced growing up in Chicago’s Robert Taylor projects and Englewood community. But he defied those insurmountable odds and stereotypes placed on Black men and went on to touch thousands of lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Who would have imagined this young man, from a single parent home and so many obstacles stacked against him, would go on to become a U.S. Naval intelligence spy, entrepreneur, award-winning music artist, NBA sports entertainer, technologist and devoted youth/social activist? When so many others succumbed to the justice system and a society uncaring to the Black male, he navigated through adversity and blossomed to success. His story is one of triumph through redemption… one that can only be told and shared through the lens of universal hope and an unrelenting fortitude to succeed by giving back and changing the world – one life at a time.

This is a story filled with constant reminders that life is a continuous and sometimes arduous journey.

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